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Your roads to Kupres

The Kupres plateau has excellent road connections with all important places in BiH. Kupres is a mountain pass, the M16 roadway that passes through connects the north and southwest of BiH. On the interactive map, you can find larger towns with airports, kilometers away and driving time to Kupres. It will take you only 2 hours by car to get from any marked spot. Roads are regularly maintained in both summer and winter.


Split - Kupres

Split Airport, 140 km, 2 hour drive, border cross


Mostar - Kupres

Mostar Airport, 126 km, 2 hour drive


Sarajevo - Kupres

Sarajevo Airport, 140 km, 2 hour drive


Banja Luka - Kupres

Banja Luka Airport, 140 km, 2 hour drive

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