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  • Police (122)
  • Ambulance (124)
  • Firefighters (123)
  • Civil Protection Operations Centers (121)
  • Roadside assistance (1282/1285/1288)

The official currency is the Convertible Mark (KM / BAM). The method of payment is mostly cash, while the card method is possible mainly in shopping centers.

  • Bread – 1.50 KM
  • Water bottle (0.5L) – 1KM
  • Coffee – 1.50 KM
  • Beer (0.33L) – 2.50 KM
  • Cigarettes – 5 KM
  • Meal for one adult – 5 ~ 10KM

You can find the complete offer above in the menu under the category – Accommodation.

Kupres is interesting all year round! Search our site because you will surely find something for yourself.

A passport is required to cross the state border. The exceptions are neighboring countries where the transfer is possible with an identity card (EU member states, Schengen countries, Albania, Andorra, Montenegro, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia and the Swiss Confederation).

The Kupres plateau has excellent road connections with all important places in BiH. Kupres is a mountain pass and the M16 roadway that passes through connects the north and southwest of BiH.

  • Međunarodna zračna luka Banja Luka 146 km
  • Međunarodna zračna luka Sarajevo 145 km
  • Međunarodna zračna luka Mostar 130 km
  • Međunarodna zračna luka Split 144 km

Unfortunately, a certain part of Kupres is still mined. All locations shown on our site are safe and you can visit them without any fear. Please do not go to places that are suspicious! Get in touch with some of the locals if you go to sensitive places.

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