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A lake that the locals keep as a local secret for a good reason. It is located near the village of Kukavice, after which it was named, in the northeastern part of Kupres field, 8 km away from Kupres.

Japage clearly attracts the attention of visitors with its size. In fact, these are five sinkholes that are spread over an area of approximately 1 km2, and within that area, there is one lake.

Located halfway to the mountain Stožer, an hour’s easy walk from the city center. It is possible to come by personal, preferably off-road vehicle.

The area of Kupres with over 40 necropolises and several examples of isolated monuments, with 1055 recorded stećak tombstones, is a representative and best researched area of western Bosnia.

With a diameter of 152 cm, a circumference of 478 cm, a height 44 m and a wood mass 29.26 m3, next to it all the other trees seem like thin shoots.

The Otinovci archeological site was declared a national monument of BiH in 2007, and consists of a complex of an early Christian basilica from the 5th century and the church of St. John the Baptist from the 19th century.

It is held on Kupres field every year at the beginning of July, more precisely, on the first Sunday in July.

The boulder that the people of Kupres have been calling their meteor for miles. Located right next to the road, approximately 10 meters high, it attracts a lot of attention.

A hollow stone that will leave you speechless. It is important to note that this is not the Hajduk Gate from Čvrsnica mountain, but a new one that has been exposed in the media and appeared in public only recently.

Explore how the people of Kupres live at 1200 meters above sea level, drink coffee in local cafes, taste Kupres’s gastronomic offer and enjoy the clean and fresh air.

The mountain massif that embraces the town of Kupres is called Stožer. Magnificent and well-known mountain. Numerous legends and stories are connected to this mountain.

Various epithets are used for a reason, because after the winding roads and hilly landscapes, the Kupres gate appears, which opens a view of endless fields and meadows in front of you.

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